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Paint Protection Film Installers – Sprayable

Paint Protection Film Installers

We are expert Paint Protection Film installers with over 10 years experience. Whatsmore our PPF installations are like no other! Our paint protection film is sprayed on, and therefore completely seamless. This new generation of paint protection film is known as PPS for short.

Paint Protection Spray (PPS) is an innovative new alternative to Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Based in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, Extreme Gleam Detailing are Ngenco Approved Installers of Paint Protection Spray.

This new, ingenious paint protection film, can defend your vehicle against the wear and tear that comes naturally with driving, as well as providing several other benefits. Paint Protection Spray starts off life as a liquid. It is applied to the vehicle paint work via a spray gun. Once the application process is complete, the film is allowed to “flow out” and cure. The result is a seamless and extremely durable protective coating, making it perfect for protecting your vehicle over the long term and increasing its future re-sale value.

What Is PPS?

Paint Protection Spray is a new technology that is often used to protect the most vulnerable and susceptible to damage areas of a vehicle. It needs to be applied by an accredited and trained professional. Extreme Gleam Detailing are among a select number of installers equipped with the facilities, and the capabilities to apply this specialist car paint protection.

Paint Protection Spray is applied in our temperature controlled spray booth using specific HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray guns. The PPS material is applied in stages, with an initial curing time between each layer. The sprayable film consists of Primer layers, Basecoat layers and Gloss top coats. A paint depth gauge is used to record the thickness of each layers to ensure we reach a minimum total PPS thickness of 200microns. The PPS film thickness is also recorded in the Warranty booklet, which is supplied prior to vehicle collection.

All our Paint Protection Spray installations come with a 5 year warranty.

PPS is a scratch and stone chip resistant film, with a high gloss finish. PPS can also be used to change the colour of the vehicle, which is completely reversible.

This means you can transform your cars appearance and protect it at the same time. This is perfect for those that lease their vehicles as well, since it can be removed without a single trace before the car is handed back.

What Can PPS Protect Against?

The most vulnerable areas of a vehicle are the front bumper and bonnet, which PPS is perfect for protecting. Additional effected areas that paint protection spray can safeguard include: wings, wing mirrors, side skirts, motorcycle tank and fairings.

PPS is used to protect against:

  • Stone chips
  • Road rash
  • Scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Bird Lime Etching
  • Grit Salt
  • Insect & bug etchings
  • Tree sap

Plus so much more!

What Are the Benefits Of PPS?

In addition to protecting against scratches and stone chips, PPS can help in a number of other ways too:

  • It is completely seamless, eradicating the risk of any cut marks often caused during low quality PPF installations, no more peeling back at panel edges either!
  • Can be further enhanced with the application of a ceramic coating, to keep your vehicle looking like new.
  • Retain as much of the value as possible and increase future re-sale potential.
  • Completely and effortlessly change the colour of your vehicle, which is easily reversible.
  • All Extreme Gleam Detailing PPS applications come with 5 years warranty as standard, providing the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Perfect for leased cars – gain peace of mind before you hand the vehicle back that you’re not going to be charged for any wear and tear.

PPS VS PPF (Paint Protection Film)

PPS is effectively a sprayable version of PPF. It has all the benefits of traditional paint protection Film, however it is carefully applied using specific HVLP spray guns, which atomise the Paint Protection Spray material onto the surface. This application method completely eradicates any film joints, accidental cut lines and film peeling back at panel edges that can happen with traditional PPF installations.

One of the highly promoted features of traditional PPF is its self healing properties. In reality this feature is actually short lived! In our experience PPF can also become brittle and look quite unsightly as dirt and debris is allowed to gather at the seams. Paint Protection Spray (PPS) on the other hand is seamless, and although it doesn’t possess the same level of self healing abilities, it can be machine polished throughout its lifespan. PPS can even be sanded!

Furthermore, Paint Protection Spray offers superior clarity that will improve the look of your vehicles paint work.

Where Can I Get Paint Protection Spray - PPS?

Here at Extreme Gleam Detailing, we provide cost effective and professional PPS applications throughout the UK and we are Ngenco approved installers. Contact us today to arrange your quote!

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