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New Car Protection Detail

Keep Your New Car In Pristine Condition

Want to keep your new car in that pristine condition which makes you proud? Of course, you do: nothing feels or looks as good as a new set of wheels. Whether it’s a recently-bought pride and joy, or a change of business car – we can provide the ultimate protection detailing service.

This means you can have that ‘new car’ look – plus all the positive attention that comes with it – all the time!

At The Forefront Of Car Protection Services: Our Ceramic Protection Detail

One of our most popular services is ceramic paint protection. This provides complete protection for your vehicle, providing unrivalled levels of gloss, maintaining the best appearance possible. It also allows your car to stay cleaner for longer, due to its self-cleaning properties. Expect endless shine and pristine quality. Once fully cured, ceramic paint protection is scratch-resistant and depending on which package you choose, comes with a 3 year warranty, so you can enjoy superior paint clarity for many years to come. It is versatile too and can be applied to a number of parts of the vehicle; including glass, plastic trims, alloy wheels and even engine components. This means your car can continue to make the best impression at every level.

Protection At Every Level

We provide a service so your car can continue to look its best, from every angle. This includes interior protectors which can keep the inside of the car, and upholstery, free from any stains and spills. Our options include fabric and leather guards which ensure that all material is kept looking its best.

We Offer The Complete Protection Service From Start To Finish

We use only the finest products and techniques to ensure that your car is finished to the ultimate quality. Clients tell us time-over how impressed they are with the results and how brilliant it is that they can have that ‘new car’ look and feel, for the long-term. In order to achieve the best, we take pride in our careful cleaning and finishing process, tailored to your vehicle. This includes:

  • Full traffic film and transit wax removal pre-wash.
  • A complete clean of the vehicle exterior; 3 bucket safe wash of body and wheels.
  • All paint contamination is removed to ensure all surfaces are free from contaminants and totally clean. This stage is vital before any machine polishing can take place.
  • A machine polish paint refinement carried out; clearing any defects and ensuring that the surface is free from blemishes.
  • The ‘priming’ process is then carried out which ensures that the cleaned surfaces are free from any polish residue and are therefore spotless.
  • After this complete clean, we then apply your chosen ceramic coating in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and leave the vehicle in this environment to cure for a minimum of 12 hours.
  • Once the exterior is perfected, then a complete clean and protection process is applied to inside the vehicle too.

A Results-Driven Service

This is a process which aims for the highest quality result, and typically takes 3-4 days to complete depending on vehicle size. This shows the level of care and skill involved in ensuring your car looks its absolute best.

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