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Body Shop and Car Restoration Services

Extreme Gleam Detailing have been in the automotive industry for over ten years and have built up an extensive knowledge of automotive paint finishes. Whether you book in for a localised dent, scratch or scuff repair or even a full respray, we take great pride in all our body shop work. All our work is finished to our highest detailer standards.

Our body shop facilities feature a digitally controlled, purpose built spray booth. This sealed and clean paint environment allows us to utilise the most up to date materials to ensure we can achieve the best possible finish to your vehicle.

We only use high quality preparation materials and finishing products for all work that passes through our body shop facilities. This results in a repair that will stand the test of time and is equivalent to, and often better than the original manufacturer finish.

Once your vehicle repair is finished, you can also protect your vehicles paint work with one of our paint protection detailing services.

Minor Repairs

(Dents, Scuffs & Scrapes)

When it comes to addressing minor damages, we believe in the power of precision. Our approach focuses on targeted solutions that not only restore your vehicle’s aesthetics but also help you save on costs. Our experienced technicians are skilled in carrying out localised repairs that specifically target the affected areas. This means that instead of opting for a full-body repaint, we strategically repair and repaint only the damaged portions. This not only reduces expenses but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to vehicle maintenance.

Stone Chip Repairs

Stone chips might seem like minor nuisances, but their cumulative effect on your vehicle’s aesthetic can’t be underestimated. These minute imperfections tend to congregate on prominent surfaces such as the front bumper, wings, and bonnet. Their presence not only detracts from the overall allure of your vehicle but also hints at the wear and tear it has endured.

We understand the value of a pristine vehicle. Our stone chip repair service goes beyond superficial touch-ups. Our team of skilled technicians possesses the expertise to meticulously examine the affected areas, evaluating the extent of the damage and formulating a tailored plan for restoration.

Once the assessment is complete, our technicians spring into action. Utilising cutting-edge tools and techniques, we artfully erase the damage, ensuring that your vehicle’s body regains its flawless appearance. The transformation is not just skin deep – we delve into the underlying layers, leaving no trace of the once-noticeable imperfections.

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

PDR relies on a remarkable selection of tools, each designed with one goal in mind: to massage and reshape metal panels back to their original form. These tools are not just ordinary instruments; they are the result of years of innovation and refinement, ensuring that the process is as non-intrusive as possible.

When a dent mars the sleek surface of your vehicle, it affects more than just aesthetics. PDR addresses this issue by using these specialised tools to carefully massage the dented area from beneath the panel. This process requires a skilled hand and a keen eye, as each dent demands a unique approach to ensure a seamless restoration.

The advantage of PDR is its ability to retain your vehicle’s original paintwork. Traditional dent repair methods often necessitate repainting, which not only incurs extra costs but also runs the risk of mismatched colours or variations in finish. PDR bypasses this concern entirely, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s factory finish.

Rust Repair

(Rust Removal, Treatment & Prevention)

Rusted steel and oxidised aluminium can appear irreversible, but our specialists possess the knowledge and tools to perform a miraculous transformation. Through the application of proprietary chemicals, we engage in a chemical battle with rust, converting it into a stable compound. This conversion not only halts rust’s progression but also mitigates the likelihood of its return.

Our approach doesn’t stop at restoration; we believe in fortifying your vehicle against future rust encounters. Once the rust has been neutralised, we take an additional step to seal the area using anti-corrosive epoxy primers. These primers create an impermeable barrier, shielding vulnerable areas from moisture and environmental elements that contribute to rust’s formation.

Our rust repair and prevention technique isn’t just about cosmetic improvements; it’s about preserving your vehicle’s longevity. The chemical conversion and sealing process create a lasting shield against rust’s return. This means your vehicle can navigate through harsh conditions, confident in its ability to withstand rust-related challenges.

Underbody Sealing

The underbody of your vehicle endures a daily onslaught of challenges, from debris kicked up by the road to moisture that accelerates corrosion. To start the underbody sealing journey, our experts remove plastic undertrays and wheel arch liners. This step is vital for accessing hidden nooks and crannies that require attention.

Before sealing, a thorough underbody cleaning takes place. Our technicians diligently remove dirt, grime, and accumulated residues, ensuring that the surface is pristine and receptive to the sealing process. This step serves as the foundation for effective protection against future threats.

Once the underbody is immaculately clean, we apply a specialised sealant that forms an impermeable barrier. This sealant serves as a robust shield, repelling moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements that can erode your vehicle’s undercarriage over time. By fortifying the foundation, we extend your vehicle’s lifespan and maintain its structural integrity.

But our dedication doesn’t end at the underbody. We go the extra mile by applying ceramic-based coatings to plastic components, enhancing their resilience against environmental stressors. Moreover, high-temperature-resistant ceramic coatings are carefully applied to areas like brake calipers and exhausts, where heat endurance is crucial. This additional layer of protection adds a touch of brilliance to your vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics.

Full Car Restoration

Full car restoration isn’t just about returning a vehicle to its former glory; it’s about breathing life into its history. Our purpose-built body shop facilities become the stage where meticulous craftsmanship unfolds, turning the canvas of your vehicle into a masterpiece that commands attention.

The paintwork is the first act of the restoration symphony. Our skilled artisans expertly revive the exterior, meticulously removing imperfections and layers of wear. The result is a finish that doesn’t just shine; it radiates the elegance that only a show car could exude.

Through our network of trusted partners, we can also offer interior re-upholstery that brings the cabin back to life. From vintage classics to modern marvels, our artisans delicately restore seats, panels, and trimmings, breathing new vitality into your vehicle’s inner sanctum.

For vehicles adorned in leather, our expertise extends to leather re-trimming and connolising. Fading, cracks, and wear become mere memories as we revive and enrich the leather, returning it to its original splendour. The result is an interior that not only looks luxurious but feels it too.

Body Shop and Car Restoration Services

Extreme Gleam Detailing body shop services go beyond the ordinary, delivering a level of quality and elegance that will turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re looking to restore your vehicle’s original beauty or elevate it to new heights of glamour, our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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