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Maintenance Detail

Maintain The Finish Of Previously Enhanced Paint

This detail is designed to maintain the finish of previously enhanced or corrected paint and of course top up the protection applied to your vehicle. We will carefully wash and dry your vehicle, then apply either a high-quality wax or sealant to the bodywork, to match whatever protection was last applied.

The interior will also be cleaned and vacuumed. If your vehicle has previously received one of our Gyeon or Liquid Elements ceramic protection details, we will inspect the integrity of the ceramic coating and apply a ‘top coat booster’ that has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with ceramic coatings. Below is a summary of the work that will be carried out.

Prices Start From £80

Maintenance Detail Detailing process
High pressure snow foam pre-wash
2 bucket method safe wash
Door shuts & sills and wheel arches treated
Detailed cleaning of all badges, grills & vents
Detailed cleaning of wheels and arches
Safe removal of all industrial and organic fallout
Wheels sealed
Sealant or wax protection top-up
Top coat booster applied (where applicable)
Interior clean, all fabrics vacuumed, plastics dressed as necessary
Leather surfaces conditioned

We will require your car for 1 – 2 days depending on condition and size.

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