Liquid Elements Paint Shield

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Liquid Elements Ceramic Paint Protection (Shield)

We would like to introduce Liquid Elements Shield – designed, developed and manufactured by Liquid Elements in Germany.

Liquid Elements Shield is a Silicone Carbide Ceramic coating system comprising of 3 separate stages – Primer,  surface hardener and a carbon-nano hydrophobic top coat. Silicone Carbide is an incredibly hard ceramic coating and is often used in applications that require high endurance, such as performance “ceramic” brakes, car clutches and even bullet proof vests! When all 3 stages of the Ceramic Shield coatings are combined, the cured protective layer will offer up to 2 years protection when applied to correctly prepared paint. Shield can only be fitted by fully trained Shield Agents.

Ceramic Shield Application Process

Before we can begin the application all surfaces must be totally clean and free from any contamination. Any previous wax or polish must be removed otherwise this will impede the bonding process. Painted surfaces must be corrected, removing any traces of swirl marks, wash marring and scratches. Once your vehicle is totally dry and the ambient temperature set to a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius, we can begin applying the Silicone Carbide Ceramic coatings.

Stage 1: Primer

Stage 1 forms the primer layer for the Ceramic Shield coating system. Multiple layers, usually 2, are applied, however we can apply more if you wish. The prism crystals contained in ‘base 1’ increase colour intensity and surface hardness to 7.5H – between Quartz and Topaz on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Stage 2: Surface Hardener

By applying ‘base 2’ we increase the surface hardness from 7.5H to 9.3H! To put this into perspective, a diamond has a hardness rating of 10H. Like stage 1, ‘base 2’ is applied multiple times, normally 2, but we can apply more layers upon request. Stage 1 & 2 combined provide an incredibly durable, scratch resistant layer that has excellent Hydrophilic properties.

Stage 3: Hydrophobic Top Coat

The 3rd and final ‘Shield’ coating can be applied on all smooth and textured surfaces including textured plastics. The final ‘Shield’ layer contains carbon nano-fibres and once it has been applied over the base layers, surface tension is increased even further. Dirt, grime and water find it practically impossible to adhere to the surface of the vehicle. The result is a vehicle that is not only much, much easier to clean, but also has a highly durable scratch resistant surface that will protect your vehicle for years to come. Like stages 1 & 2, the final ‘Shield’ layer can be layered to enhance the gloss of painted surfaces.

For information on pricing please view our Liquid elements Shield page. Alternatively you may wish to contact us. We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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