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Paint Enhancement Detail

Remove Paint Defects

Our paint enhancement detail offers a great balance of a quality machine polished finish and cost. The processes we use will remove a significant amount of defects, whilst minimising the removal of the “clear coat” or lacquer.

We will then apply a polymer-based sealant layer, which is further protected by a choice of either carnauba or hybrid wax – the choice is yours. As well as restoring a showroom shine to the exterior of your vehicle, we will also revive the interior by carrying out a complete interior clean. Below is a summary of the work that will be carried out.

  • You choose the Wax we use – we are happy to explain and give you our professional opinion.
  • Protect against scratches and limit the amount of and swirl marks on your car paintwork too.

Prices Start From £249

Paint Enhancement Detail Detailing process
High pressure snow foam pre-wash
2 bucket method safe wash
Door shuts & sills and wheel arches treated
Detailed cleaning of all badges, grills & vents
Detailed cleaning of wheels and arches
Safe removal of all industrial and organic fallout, including tar spots, bird droppings, tree sap
Paint inspection with digital paint depth gauge and lighting
Two stage machine polishing process removing swirls, wash marring and light scratches
Complete vehicle wipe down to ensure paintwork is completely clean and ready for protective layers
Wheels sealed
Exhaust tailpipes polished
Polymer sealant applied
Professional grade carnauba or hybrid wax applied and left to cure
Complete interior clean, all fabrics vacuumed, plastics cleaned and dressed as necessary

We will require your car for 2 – 3 days depending on condition and size.

Why choose us?

At Extreme Gleam Detailing we have had the please of working on a whole range of cars, in a range of shapes and sizes. This includes some truly stunning cars from across the UK. From unique supercars, and vintage classics to everyday run-arounds. No car is too big, nor too small.


We are Autobrite Direct Approved valeters & detailers.

Master Detailers

We are KDS Certified Master Detailers.


Covered by Coversure comprehensive valeters insurance.

Master Applicators

We are IGL Coatings UK Kenzo Master Applicators.

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Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8:30am–6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (UK time). We will call you during this time.