Front End Paint Protection Film Package

Front End Paint Protection Film Packagecost effective solution to protecting areas of your car

With Extreme Gleam’s self-healing paint protection film, the most exposed and damage prone areas of the car can be protected with the Front End paint protection film package. Typically, this package would ensure the most at risk areas of the vehicle are protected against stone chipping, road rash, general scratching/scuffing, insect & bug splatter marks, bird lime etching, tree sap and many more elements that can cause the appearance of the vehicle to suffer.

If your bonnet or front bumper get damaged, a re-spray of these areas can be a costly endeavour. In addition, stone chips and road rash damage can look unsightly and impact the re-sale potential of the vehicle, making it harder to sell to potential buyers. This is where Extreme Gleam’s Front End paint protection film package comes in. It can help to prevent the damage in the first place, and maximise your re-sale opportunities.

Before the paint protection film is installed, the areas in question will receive a detailed clean and decontamination service, including tar removal, fallout removal and clay bar treatment. In addition to the above mentioned pre-care, we also service the areas having film applied with a single stage machine polish paint enhancement. This will remove any light scratches, swirl marks and wash marring prior to the paint protection film being applied.

The great thing about Extreme Gleam is that all our paint protection film packages come with 5 years warranty as standard.

Prices – From £359*

Benefits of our Paint Protection Film

  • SunTek Trained Installers
  • Self healing protective film comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • PPF does not reduce paint clarity
  • Provides a near invisible protective layer
  • Stops stone chips
  • Scratch resistant
  • Protects against bird droppings
  • Protects against bug squash
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