SiRamik Diamond Coating - Diamas Professionali

SiRamik Diamond Coating new liquid protection technology

As Siramik accredited detailers we would like to introduce a new liquid protection technology for vehicle paintwork, glass, wheels and plastic.

SiRamik Glasscoat – Diamas Professionali; a true diamond coating for vehicle paintwork. Over 12 months of research, testing and development have now come to fruition and we can now unleash the ground breaking technology of Diamas Professionali.

Diamas Professionali – The Technology

Diamas Professionali contains Aggregated Diamond Nanorod’s sometimes referred to as ADNR’s. This has taken liquid protection to the highest possible place where crystal clear paintwork is the result of an optically clear coating that will not mute any candy’s, flips, flake or pearls meaning the paint you choose is the paint you see.

With diamond well known as the hardest material known to man and the most precious, Diamas Professionali utilises ADNR’s in sizes no greater that 3-4n meaning on a nano scale these are used as an anchor for the coating which in turn strengthens the layer applied giving a more stable protective barrier, as a whole ADNR’s have a combined strength of which has been measured at stronger than diamond itself!

Why is Diamas Professionali different to other coatings?

Diamas Professionali differs to other coatings because of not only the chemical make up and blend, but its “Water Contact Angle” and “Receding Contact Angle”, with a water contact angle of up to 112° water moves rapidly over the surface giving superior self cleaning.

Diamonds have a high refractive index meaning light does not pass directly through but bounces, back and forth, diamonds also exhibit fluorescence giving an appearance of multiple light sources that give the “Prism” effect, the result is unmatched paint clarity. This really comes into its own on metallic, pearl, candy or flip paintwork.

Diamas Professionali has been tested on satin wrap where the wrap in question was flake infused; the wrap colour itself was unaltered yet the flake was increased considerably.

With current applications gracing Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche and Pagani amongst others, it is clear Diamas Professionali has already made an immediate impact.

Real life benefits of SiRamik Diamas Professionali

  • Unrivaled self-cleaning abilities.
  • Superior gloss levels and paint clarity.
  • Intensifies metallic, pearl, candy and flip paint finishes.
  • Provides superior protection, including wrapped vehicles.
  • Extremely durable, providing protection for up to 5 years.
  • Superior protection against bird droppings, industrial fallout and dirt.
  • Protects against acid rain.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Scratch resistance and will protect against marring.
  • Can be applied to glass (except windscreen), plastics, metal work and alloy wheels.

How is it applied?

As with all our ceramic protection details, we only apply the coatings in our booth where we can maintain set temperature and humidity levels. In addition, before we commence application of any ceramic coating your vehicle will undergo detailed surface preparation, which we have outlined below.

Once your vehicle is ready we will apply SiRamik APT to act as a base, this in then followed by a minimum of one and a half hours initial curing time. The SiRamik Diamas Professionali diamond coating is then applied to all specified surfaces. This is then allowed to cure for a further 12 hours.

Detailed Preparation

Before any machine polishing and ceramic paint protection is applied, we will perform the following steps to ensure your vehicle is clean and paint work in the perfect condition for machine polishing.

It is this attention to detail that help us achieve flawless results.

  • Snow foam TFR pre-wash. This stage helps break down dirt and grime, and crucially helps us minimise “contact washing”
  • Two bucket safe wash with deep pile wash mitts.
  • Door shuts, sills and wheel arches cleaned.
  • Detailed cleaning of all badges, grills & vents.
  • Detailed cleaning of wheels.
  • Safe removal of all industrial and organic fallout.
  • Warm air dry.


NEW Car SiRamik Diamas Professionali Detail – From £549*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Single Stage Machine Polish Refinement
  • 2 Part Application of SC-HR & SC-ULTIMA Glass Coating to ALL paintwork
  • Application of final Diamas Professionali Diamond coating
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty

USED Car SiRamik Diamas Professioanli Detail – From £699*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Two Stage Machine Polish Paint Enhancement (typically 80+% paint correction is achieved)
  • 2 Part Application of SC-HR & SC-ULTIMA Glass Coating to ALL paintwork
  • Application of final Diamas Pofesssionali Diamond coating
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty

Optional Extras

We Can apply SiRamik SC-HR or Diamas Professionali to alloy wheels, brake calipers, and exhaust trims to create an extremely durable protective barrier. In addition we can SiRamik APT to glass (except windscreen) and textured plastic trim.

Furthermore we can apply SiRamik SC15 to interior plastics, leather and vinyl.

To round things off, we can also apply a dedicated fabric protector to interior carpets to protect against spillages.

Please ask for further details and pricing options.

Additional Services

For vehicles with more heavily weathered paint or severe paint defects, additional stages of machine polishing can be undertaken to ensure these defects are removed and paintwork is 100% corrected before SiRamik Diamas Professionali Diamond coating is applied.

We can also offer a repainting service for any defects that cannot be removed via machine polishing, e.g. Stone chips and deep scratches.

Please ask for further details and pricing options.

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