Ceramic Paint Protection: IGL Coatings Kenzo

Ceramic Paint Protection: IGL Coatings KenzoRevolutionary ceramic paint protection.

Only IGL Coatings Kenzo Master Installers have the capability to apply Kenzo. We are pleased to have been awarded Kenzo level accreditation, enabling us to offer IGL Coatings flagship Kenzo ceramic paint protection. A Super hard, super durable coating with up to 5 years warranty.

Introducing IGL Coatings Kenzo Ceramic Paint Protection.

Kenzo is a revolutionary paint protection coating that contains 100% silica providing the highest level of gloss and protection and is backed by an official warranty provided by IGL Coatings and supported by us, a certified IGL Coatings Master Applicator.

Kenzo is a dual layer ceramic coating that forms a  thick coating that radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of a bespoke wax while providing unmatched protection. Running your hands across a Kenzo coated car is like touching the soft luxurious silk. It will never be the same again.

How and where is it applied?

IGL Coatings Kenzo ceramic paint protection can only be applied by a recognised and accredited IGL Coatings application specialist, and we are among a select number of professional detailers across the UK & Europe that are able to offer IGL Coatings Kenzo. Your vehicle will be subjected to numerous levels of decontamination and cleansing processes prior to any machine correction that may be needed before applying the ‘Kenzo base’ and ‘Kenzo top’ coatings.

Main features of IGL Coatings Kenzo Paint Protection.

  • 100% silica content.
  • Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 10H.
  • Water contact angle that surpasses 120º, the result is superb hydrophobic properties.
  • Protection from bug splatter and bird droppings.
  • Marring resistance.
  • Ultimate levels of gloss.
  • Up to 5 years durability.

Detailed Preparation

Before any machine polishing and ceramic paint protection is applied, we will perform the following steps to ensure your vehicle is clean and paint work in the perfect condition for machine polishing.

It is this attention to detail that help us achieve flawless results.

  • Snow foam TFR pre-wash. This stage helps break down dirt and grime, and crucially helps us minimise “contact washing”
  • Two bucket safe wash with deep pile wash mitts.
  • Door shuts, sills and wheel arches cleaned.
  • Detailed cleaning of all badges, grills & vents.
  • Detailed cleaning of wheels.
  • Safe removal of all industrial and organic fallout.
  • Warm air dry.

NEW Car IGL Coatings Kenzo Paint Protection Detail – From £599*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Single Stage Machine Polish Refinement
  • Application of IGL Coatings Kenzo to ALL paintwork
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty

USED Car IGL Coatings Kenzo Paint Protection Detail – From £799*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Two Stage Machine Polish Paint Enhancement (typically 80+% paint correction is achieved)
  • Application of IGL Coatings Kenzo to ALL paintwork
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty

Optional Extras

IGL Coatings have a dedicated range of protective products including;

  • High temperature resistant coating suitable for alloy wheels, calipers and tailpipes
  • Durable trim restorer
  • Window protection
  • Fabric protection
  • Leather protection

Please ask for further details and pricing options.

Additional Services

For vehicles with more heavily weathered paint or severe paint defects, additional stages of machine polishing can be undertaken to ensure these defects are removed and paintwork is 100% corrected before IGL Coatings Kenzo paint protection is applied.

We can also offer a repainting service for any defects that cannot be removed via machine polishing, e.g. Stone chips and deep scratches.

Please ask for further details and pricing options.

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