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Detailing Body Shop

Car Detailing Body Shop

Extreme Gleam Detailing have been in the automotive industry for over ten years and have built up an extensive knowledge of automotive paint finishes. Whether you book in for a localised dent, scratch or scuff repair or even a full respray, we take great pride in all our body shop work. All our work is finished to our highest detailer standards.

Our body shop facilities feature a digitally controlled, purpose built spray booth. This sealed and clean paint environment allows us to utilise the most up to date materials to ensure we can achieve the best possible finish to your vehicle.

We only use high quality preparation materials and finishing products for all work that passes through our body shop facilities. This results in a repair that will stand the test of time and is equivalent to, and often better than the original manufacturer finish.

Once your vehicle repair is finished, you can also protect your vehicles paint work with one of our paint protection detailing services.

Our body shop services include;

  • Minor repairs, dents scuffs and scrapes: Where possible we will carry out localised repair and repaint, to help reduce costs, whilst maintaining a high finishing standard.


  • Stone chip repairs: Stone chip damage that builds up over time to high impact areas such as front bumper, wings and bonnets can make your vehicle look tired. Once we have completed the repairs, we will utilise premium paint scheme brands to ensure a seamless colour match and finish.


  • PDR – Paintless Dent Removal: As the name suggests, this technique utilises an array of specialist tools to remove small and medium sized dents from metal panels without the need for repainting, significantly reducing costs.


  • Rust repair/removal and prevention: If possible we will treat any rusted steel or oxidised aluminium with specialists chemicals converting to rust into a stable compound. This helps prevent reoccurrence and spread. We will then seal the area with anti-corrosive epoxy primers to ensure a long lasting repair.


  • Underbody sealing: We remove any plastic undertrays and wheel arch liners prior to a thorough cleaning of the underbody area. We will then seal the underbody of your vehicle and suspension components to protect it for years to come. We can also apply specialist ceramic based coatings to plastic components, as well as applying high temperature resistant ceramic coatings to areas such as brake calipers and exhausts.


  • Full car restoration: With our purpose built body shop facilities we can restore your vehicles paint work to show car standards. We also have built up a network of businesses that can offer associated services such as interior re-upholstery and leather re-trimming. We can also offer leather connolising and repair.

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