SiRamik SC15 Paint protection

SiRamik SC15 Paint protectionalternative protection offered by car dealerships

This is our entry level ceramic protection service, so if you’re seeking alternative protection currently offered by mainstream car dealerships for your vehicle, but don’t have the budget this is a great place to start!

Despite being our entry level ceramic protection, make no mistake, this coating offers far superior protection compared to the products offered by car dealerships and any waxes or synthetic paint sealants currently available.

SiRamik SC15 (Surface Coat) is a durable ceramic coating that is very popular with our clients and enthusiasts alike, with stunning wet looks and excellent hydrophobic properties, this really is a very good product. SC15 can be applied to paint, wheels, glass (with the exception of windscreen) and plastic trim so one product for all surfaces.

Once your vehicle has been prepared, we will apply two layers of SC15 ceramic coating in our temperature and humidity controlled booth. This is the ideal place for application and overnight curing.

Once the initial curing has taken place, we will apply a dedicated sealant to protect the coating from the elements whilst it continues to cure over the next few days.

Benefits of our SiRamik SC15 ceramic protection.

  • Up to 2 year warranty.
  • Self-cleaning abilities reduces future maintenance.
  • Excellent protective properties.
  • Extremely versatile; can be applied to all paintwork, wheels, glass (except windscreen), plastic trim and metal.
  • Can also be used on interior plastics and leather.

Detailed Preparation

Before any machine polishing and ceramic paint protection is applied, we will perform the following steps to ensure your vehicle is clean and paint work in the perfect condition for machine polishing.

It is this attention to detail that help us achieve flawless results.

  • Snow foam TFR pre-wash. This stage helps break down dirt and grime, and crucially helps us minimise “contact washing.”
  • Two bucket safe wash with deep pile wash mitts.
  • Door shuts, sills and wheel arches cleaned.
  • Detailed cleaning of all badges, grills & vents.
  • Detailed cleaning of wheels.
  • Safe removal of all industrial and organic fallout.
  • Warm air dry.

NEW Car SC15 Protection – From £299*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Single Stage Machine Polish Refinement
  • 2 Layer application of SC15 Glass Coating to ALL paintwork
  • Up to 2 Years Warranty

USED Car SC15 Protection – From £399*

  • Detailed Cleaning & Contamination Removal
  • Two Stage Machine Polish Paint Enhancement (typically 80+% paint correction is achieved)
  • 2 Layer application of SC15 Glass Coating to ALL Paintwork
  • Up to 2 Years Warranty
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