Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection ServicesEnsure your vehicle stays looking its best

Ensure your vehicle stays looking its best… with our ceramic protection services! Our ceramic protection details are the ultimate way to keep any car, new or used, protected and looking super glossy.

Here at Extreme Gleam we’ve developed the ultimate vehicle protection service. Our ceramic protection service imparts a durable and scratch resistant, high-gloss coating to your vehicles’ paintwork. It is clear that our protection services not only offer a high-shine quality, but can save you time too! In the busy working world, vehicles are constantly exposed to dirt and contaminants, yet busy owners have less opportunity to wash them. Thanks to the self-cleaning properties of ceramic coatings, maintenance will be reduced, along with the time taken to clean the vehicle – one of the many reasons why it is so popular!

Experience and Training

We have over 10 years experience in the detailing industry and during this time we have received training from some of the industries finest. We are Autobrite-Direct Approveddetailers and KDS Certified master detailers. So you can rest assured, the preparation your vehicle receives will be of the highest quality. Furthermore we are among a select, handful of detailers across the UK and Europe that are SiRamik Glasscoat Accrediteddetailers and Liquid Elements “Shield Agents.” This means the ceramic products we apply to your vehicle are not available to the mass market or car dealerships. They are applied and cured in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Main benefits of our ceramic protection

  • Embellishes a high-shine, scratch resistant layer that cannot be matched by premium waxes.
  • Offers superior protection compared to protective systems offered by car dealerships.
  • Protects not only paintwork, but alloy wheels, plastic trim, glass and even engine components.
  • Self-cleaning abilities means your car will stay cleaner for longer.
  • Scratch reistance
  • Unrivalled gloss levels.
  • Top of the range ceramic coating comes with a up to 5 year warranty.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, ceramic/glass coatings are an advanced method of vehicle protection with multiple layers of ceramic coating being applied.

It creates an extremely strong bond to the substrate at first, then subsequent layers “cross-link” together to form an extremely durable and glossy barrier.

We use closely controlled conditions to apply our ceramic coating to ensure thorough and proper curing time. Depending on the size of the vehicle, we allow 4 – 6 for application, then 12 hours initial curing time. Once this is complete, we apply a dedicated sealant to protect the coating whilst it continues to cure over the next few days.

Why does my car need ceramic protection?

If your vehicle doesn’t have ceramic protection, it will most likely require frequent cleaning, as well as quickly accumulating dirt, grime and contamination, such as tar spots and bird droppings from general use. Our coating keeps the vehicle protected against pollution – so everything from the paintwork to the alloys and bumpers are shielded. If left untreated bird droppings can be extremely harmful to the lacquer/clear coat on your vehicle, and in same cases can cause irreversible damage, resulting in a respray needed to the affected area!

We also offer interior protection services too; and pride ourselves on delivering quality throughout. Using the latest techniques, we can provide long lasting protection to all interior fabrics and leather surfaces.

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